Customized services for your business

When you work with Duplate, you are not only getting an expert in our products and systems, but also one who knows retail, hospitality, and marketing. Whether you are taking on a new industry or vertical, or conceptualizing a new project, trying to reach more customers by digital marketing we are here to help!

System training

Pre-Sale support

Improve process

Knowledge base

Marketing support

Content Support


  • Pinpoint the needs along the chain with Fit/GAP analysis
  • Identify solutions to those needs
  • Design a system and create an implementation strategy
  • Document processes and areas for both standard solutions and customized systems.

Configure and customize

  • Give the best functionality
  • Tailor functions to each customer’s needs
  • Test a system for optimal performance
  • Create, run, and document evaluations for all functions.

Manage Project

  • Initiation: from developing a business case, to feasibility studies, to phase reviews.
  • Planning phases: creating plans to manage resources, finances, communication, risks, quality control and more.
  • Execution: ensuring the project goes according to plan in terms of times, costs, quality, and internal acceptance.
  • Closure: delivering the project to the end.

Implement and deploy

  • Data migration
  • Setup and testing
  • Installing software in the head office, points of service, and everywhere in between
  • On-site guidance and support when the project goes live.

Abloom Cafeteria

Duplate has proven to be a great addition to our restaurant. All the features are very beneficial and an excellent training and support staff. The thing that like the most is mobile apps which syncs all together and makes it to manage our business efficiently.

Indian Kitchen Restaurant

We decided to go with Duplate Restaurant Management System and it was the best decision we made. It fulfills all our requirements and fits our budget, way more than we expected from a restaurant POS software.

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