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DuPlate resturent management software is smart solution for major restaurants business, which brings efficiency in restaurant management. From kitchen to client Duplate provides dynamic features that will ensure customer convenience and better restaurant management.

  • Cloud compliance
  • White level branding
  • Restaurant Website

Point Of Sale

Duplate POS is a desktop based Software designed to give restaurants all the tools they require to speed up service and increase efficiency of operations. The customizable options offered in the POS system software is ideal for any restaurant. Get direct access to all operation modes right from the main dashboard. This reduces errors in order type and increases speed of service. Get the flexibility to choose from Dine In, Delivery, or Take Away, making it easier for the staff to track the order type and simplify the billing process with restaurant management system.

  • Payment preference
  • Split bill
  • Choose order type
  • Table selection
  • Waiter assign
  • Menu customization
  • Different menus with separate rate and discounts


Replace your outdated paper menus with simple and easy-to-use Android/ iOS app that your customers can use to review food and order their choices. the customer can view the menu and place table top orders and the staff can deliver order to the table and collect payment once done. the waiter can use tablets instead of order books for placing orders which will get updated into the POS simultaneously.

  • Food item review
  • Order Remarks
  • POS integration
  • Interactive menu

Inventory Management

Duplate inventory system is most dynamic and robust feature allowing to keep track of inventory and auto notify low level of inventory to users so that kitchen doesn’t run out of any ingredients. The sophisticated stock and inventory management module of Duplate restaurant software is a stickler for detail which lets you efficiently manage the stock, decrease wastage and track item usage. The advance tracking and reports keep you up to date with the inventory levels and see the fluctuating demands in your store, allowing for better cost saving decisions.

  • Real time inventory
  • Set Stock levels

Customer relation and feedback

Connect, engage with your restaurant’s guest and build a stronger loyalty program using Duplate CRM. Automatically send promotional SMS to customers to keep your restaurant branding strong. Create loyalty program to customers and offer discounts.

  • In app Push notification
  • Push SMS


Duplate delivery management provides the best solution for restaurant owner to improve their food delivery system. Customize and assort delivery orders to you fleet of delivery personals. Guide them through GPS to the delivery location.

  • GPS location sharing
  • Order Map tracking


Duplate reports offers a unique opportunity to receive instant summarized reports of revenue data of your restaurant from anywhere on your pc. Selecting a particular time period for the reports, you can get various reports on your pc through web.

  • Transaction Review
  • Cashier Sales Report
  • Outlet Summary Report

Mobile app for restaurant and staff

Duplate offers Mobile app for restaurant and restaurant staff. Mobile devices offers instant opportunity to perform task easily and the flexibility to do and deliver with no place and time barriers.

  • Transaction Review
  • Cashier Sales Report
  • Outlet Summary Report

Abloom Cafeteria

Duplate has proven to be a great addition to our restaurant. All the features are very beneficial and an excellent training and support staff. The thing that like the most is mobile apps which syncs all together and makes it to manage our business efficiently.

Indian Kitchen Restaurant

We decided to go with Duplate Restaurant Management System and it was the best decision we made. It fulfills all our requirements and fits our budget, way more than we expected from a restaurant POS software.

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